4pcs/Set Multifunctional Storage Jars

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  • Multifunction Storage Jar: Storing food, oats, cereal, coffee beans, sugar, pasta, flour, nuts, spices, popcorn and other essential kitchen staples in an airtight and efficient way.

  • Built to Last: Deppon airtight canisters were made of food grade premium Stainless Steel, sturdy and solid which ensures the canisters can hardly break.
  • Threaded lid: Pressure fitter lid with silicone gasket provides sealed surroundings inside, keeps the food inside last longer and fresh.
  • Windows: We designed a clear window for each canister in order to provide more convenience for users to know the status of the storage.

  • Varity Capacity: Beautiful 4 pieces of canisters come with 4 different capacity for different storage purpose ,
  • Size:
  • 30.5cm x 9.8cm -  3600 ml
  • 22.0cm x 9.8cm -  2600ml
  • 17.3cm x 9.8cm  - 1800 ml
  • 12.4cm x 9.8cm -    600 ml

  • Pakage : 4pcs/Set