Airtight Coffee Canister

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Material : Stainless Steel
Packaging: 1pcs Airtight Coffee Canister

Premium Stainless Steel Container- The Airtight Coffee Canister is crafted with premium stainless steel metal, which perfectly stores your coffee grounds or beans, sugar, flour, and tea. keep your coffee safe, fresh and full of flavor.

  • Long-lasting flavor- Our zero-BPA coffee canisters have innovative freshness valves to release co2 but lock out oxygen, which will keep the flavor of your coffee longer, fresher.
  • Track Freshness and Reduce Waste  Our coffee canister is designed with a numerical day and month tracker so you always know how fresh your coffee is, which can record the purchase or expiry date and reduces waste.
  • Premium Coffee Spoon For Free -A stainless steel coffee spoon included and it can be attached to the jar, which supports you a perfectly measured portion for more precise brewing. Get rid of the trouble of looking for spoons everywhere!