Valentine Day Embossing Rolling Pins

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Valentine Day Embossing Rolling Pins  can be a part of your kitchen or engraved keepsakes. They make an unique and touching gift for any person, family or occasion. Perfect for birthdays, house-warming, Hanukkah, Christmas, Mother's Day or special occasion. They can even be given out as wedding favors for bridesmaids, groomsmen or couples. Baking with embossing rolling pin can be a fun, especially for kids!


High Quolity : We made many of trials and baked hundreds of different recipe cookies until we found the best patterns and created the best design for the rolling pin to get well embossed and beautiful cookies.


Size : A rolling pin is traditional and optimum size with big surface of engraving. The measure is 15.8" (40 cm) with handles, embossing part 7.5" (19cm), diameter 2.4'' (6 cm).