Alphabet Cake Molds Set

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  • Premium Quality Material: The alphabet mould sets are made of high temperature food grade PET plastics.You can use it with confidence.
  • Numbers Cutters: Contains an assortment of numbers including 26 pieces molds (A-Z).
  • Easy To Clean: After using,just wash them with water.But handwash only, do not cleaning in dishwasher.
  • Widely Application: Suit for baking room, coffee shop, birthday or wedding cake. This DIY tool will let you to enjoy the fun of baking and help you to make terrific gift. Let you enjoy the fun of baking life.

     Package Includes:

    26 pieces cake moulds (A-Z)


    4inch (10.2cmx8.2cm)

    6inch (15.2cmx12.3cm)

    8inch (20.3cmx16.4cm)


    1. Put a sponge or a hurricane on the bottom of the mold to make the bottom;
    2. Place the letter cake mold on the cake cake that has been tested;
    3. Cut the cake embryo along the outside of the mold with a professional engraving knife;
    4, Then use the cream gun DIY to spread the cream;
    5. Finally, put fruit, chocolate or flowers on the cake.
    6, A letter of cake is finished, enjoy it!